About Us 

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Welcome to Hawaiin Astroboys! 

Here at www.augustagatreeservice.com, we are a tree removal company that covers all phases of tree services from tree planting to trimming jobs, cabling, and lot clearing to large tree removals that require a certain machine to do so. We make sure that we provide with the safety and efficiency of the services we give to our customers. This brings us to many years of doing service to many homeowners and landowners across the city. Not only that we give our customers the tree services that they need but reaching them and building a good relationship with them.  

We know that trees are so important to people and the environment we live in today. They not only provide people shelter, but trees play an important role to people. Many trees around the globe provide us the food we eat and play an important factor in giving us fresh air for breathing. They simply give us shelter from the sun when we need to. With this in mind, taking good care of them is a must for people anywhere we are in the city and even outside our country. 

In this company, we effectively treat and take good care of the trees in your property. Whether the trees from your backyard suffer from damages because of natural disasters that happened or these trees simply need people to look after to them and take care of them, our dedicated and passionate arborist are here to help you. We are here to bring you not only the best but high-quality service possible.